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Being staked
  Stygg, Mar 12 2012

Ok, as of a few minutes ago, I'm being staked by fellow LP member barbieman, just making it official, now there's no turning back.

And so it begins.

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Looking for a stake
  Stygg, Mar 09 2012

Crawling back to the cross..

Don't know where to start really. Last blog was obv not written at a good time, and 2011 was the worst year I've ever had to go through in life. Not gonna write a book about it here as I remember regretting that blog almost immediately upon clicking send.

My situation is a bit different now, a bit better. I'm in school Taking 4 courses, mostly via the web, but it's going quite well. My English class in particular is going very well.

But my economy is fucked up, I now know what it's like to be one of those poor students you hear about. I haven't played poker in ~6 months, and I both miss it and I don't. At times it was a heavy burden to bear, but certainly it was also the best money I ever saw, and for that reason I'm now looking for a stake.

Never been staked before, so pretty clueless on the details. Kinda looking for the staker to set the conditions. I just hope my name still means something on LP, and even though past merits in this business don't hold much water, I'm hoping people remember me as a stand-up, honest and legit no-nonsense guy. Not gonna pressure anyone to vouch for my legitimacy, but if anyone wants to, please go ahead.

Poker-wise, tbh I'm unsure of my current abilities. Maybe it'll take some getting used to, but I hope I could manage to grind out a profit at something like NL100/NL50, I dunno. I will show my handbooster graph to those interested in staking me, but not openly on here. Don't think anyone on here can vouch for my skill or lack of skill as I always kept my nicks a secret.

If staked, I intend to play a LOT. My laptop can take up to 6 Ongame tables without overlapping, so 6 tables = maximum for me. Been a long time since I played 9-12 tables, and I think 6 is probably better anyway in today's game.

Like I said I don't know how stakes usually work, but I would be looking to cash out some of my eventual winnings relatively early, say end of March, as things in our household are pretty tight right now. Maybe cash out rakeback? I dunno.

The staker will always be able to get a hold of me, that's a promise. I don't fuck around with other people's shit.

Interested? PM me and we'll talk further. Really hope I can get something going again.


Edit: btw, all you people who sent me PMs on my last blog and I never got back to, I'm sorry, I was just basically emotionally spent at the time. I read every PM though and really appreciated hearing from some guys that I had only talked to for a short period of time on MSN back in 2009 or whenever it was. Warmed my heart

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